Cement Silos

Cement Silos

What are Cement Silos?


Cement silos are the warehouses where cement and other ash materials are stored for concrete/mortar production. Spiral conveyors that allow the material stored in silos to be transported to the cement weighing chamber in the central part of the building.

Cement silos and helical conveyors can be in different sizes and capacities according to concrete power plant capacity and customer request. Cement is a mandatory binding element in the production of concrete. Cement is stored for the operation of the concrete factory. These warehouses are also called silos. Cement silo is a metal structure that stores all kinds of cast material. Only this kind of a reservoir can protect the technical properties of cement from environmental impacts and harmful effects. To store a large amount of this type of building material, a pump and a special cement pipelineshould be built in special large complexes, consisting of several silos.


Manufacture of Cement Silo

According to a drawing silo production is made for cement. Cement silos can vary in size and weight. The most common materials for Silo production are concrete and metal. Cement Silos are made of a cylinder with parts made of strong steel sheet. A pipe must be supplied to easily load the cement in such a container. Once the silo has been brought into the area, it must be mounted completely vertically. It is placed in tubular special metal supports to ensure that the design meets all safety requirements. The base of the tank is made in the form of a cone, in which a louver is mounted. Cement silo serves to buy and distribute cement. if the area is mounted several silos, this structure is called cement storage. Cement silos are produced between 30 and 120 tons in total. cement silo is very important for large scale enterprises.