Concrete Batching Plant Production with Technology

Concrete Batching Plant Production with Technology

Concrete Batching Plant Production with Technology

Concrete Batching Plant, is a facility established to produce ready-mixed concrete. It attracts great interest because it is preferred in different sectors. Aggregate, sand, cement, crushed stone, water, admixture are batching in this type of plants. After the batching, ready-mixed concrete is used as the building material of structures. There is different type and models of concrete batching plants. It is choosing for requested type of structure. On a concrete batching plant there is many type of electronic and hydraulic system works synchronize. All type of raw materials are weighing and dosing.

How does the production with in concrete batching plants?

There is different type of concrete batching plants. We have to select one of them as request and conditions of site.  The mobile concrete batching plant, which is the most used and soon in operation, attracts great attention. The process is as follows;

  • Cement, water, aggregate and additives are used to obtain concrete.
  • Its name is a very important issue to be compatible with each other, how much of the material.
  • After production some mechanic and chemical tests are applying on the samples.
  • After laboratory tests mixing elements quantities are decide.
  • With laboratory results production receipts are changed or confirm.
  • All materials are weighing.
  • After that all materials are batching in mixer.
  • Process are complete in couple minutes.
  • When a complete homogeneous appearance occurs, the ready-mixed concrete production process is now complete.

Type of Concrete Batching Plants

  • Compact Type Concrete Batching Plant, It works with a high efficiency. Technology is very advanced.
  • Dry type concrete batching plant has been put on the market with different capacities..
  • Another type of concrete batchin plant is mobile batching plant. It is movable for to change position fast. Immediately adapts to field conditions.
  • The highest capacity is located in a stationary concrete batching plant.

It is necessary to make the installation successfully to get high efficiency over the concrete batching plant.