Mobil Concrete Plant Provides Advantage

Mobil Concrete Plant Provides Advantage

Mobil Concrete Plant Provides Advantage

The concrete plant is a technologically advanced system designed to produce concrete. Concrete; is known as the main material of structures. It is used mostly in construction sector. Producing concrete is a process carried out through power plants. Cement, water, gravel and sand; It is the raw material of concrete. The bunker and the mixer located in the power plant are mixed together. Thus, concrete is obtained. Today there are many different concrete batching plants. One of them is known as a mobile concrete batching plant.

What are the features of mobile concrete plants?

  • There are two types of models. One of them is a single chassis and the other is a double chassis..
  • It is remarkable with its capacities ranging from 30 cubic meters to 120 cubic meters..
  • A suitable batching mixer works with a mixer.
  • Makes production extremely fast.
  • Since it is mobile, it can be moved to another area at any time..
  • The automation system is extremely simple. Possible to use after a short training.
  • As Hawk Plant Ltd., we provide installation and transportation services and we successfully install the plant..
  • Mobile concrete plant prices are not very expensive.

What are the features of other concrete plants?

The concrete plant is not only designed as mobile. There are also more different models. One of them is known by its compact name. Quickly installed. It provides a great advantage to the company with its easy handling feature. A single container or a single hammer will be sufficient to carry. Energy costs are low. Designed in a bucket. The stationary concrete batching plant is the largest concrete producing center. There are three different models known as compact, dry and fixed. The design varies according to the customer's request. Dry type concrete plant is smaller in scale. But his work is extremely big and important..

We Provide Top Quality Service As Hawkplant

Our company has extensive experience in the installation of all kinds of concrete batching plants. As long as the ordering company does not ask otherwise, we are first preparing a plan for the installation. After testing the suitability of the site, we successfully operate the plant.