Ready Mix Concrete

Ready Mix Concrete

Ready Mix Concrete


What Is Ready-Mix Concrete?

         Ready Mixed Concrete is one of the indispensable materials of modern construction technologies as one of the necessities of healthy urbanization and robust construction. Ready mixed concrete is an important building material obtained by mixing aggregate (sand, gravel, crushing stone), water and some additives in accordance with a certain production technology, which can be formed in plastic or fluid consistency at the beginning and gained strength by solidification and hardening over time. Concrete is composed of 75% aggregate as absolute volume, 10% cement and 15% water. If necessary, additives may be added on condition that they are not more than 2% of the cement weight.


Properties Of Ready-Mixed Concrete

There are several important issues for ready mix concrete. These properties can be listed like below;

  • Workability in fresh concrete
  • Consistency of concrete
  • The temperature of fresh concrete
  • Largest rated capacity
  • Compressive strength in hardened concrete
  • Cement type and amount
  • Quality and quantity of mixture water


The common mistake in the application is the addition of extra water to the concrete to ensure workability in the concrete. However, the water given to the concrete over time causes the concrete to have a space structure and therefore low resistance and durability after the concrete becomes hardened.



Forms of ready mix concrete production system

There are two different forms of ready mixed concrete production according to water measurement and mixing operations in the power plant or transmixer. These system called dry system and wet system.

"Dry mixed ready mixed concrete" aggregate and cement is a Ready Mixed Concrete which is measured in concrete plant and mixed in transmixer and its water and chemical additives are measured and added in the delivery site. "Wet mixed ready mixed concrete" is a ready mixed concrete measured at the concrete plant of all its components including water.