What is “Ready Mix Concrete”?

What is “Ready Mix Concrete”?

Ready Mix Concrete


What is “Ready Mix Concrete”?

With the help of computer control, the materials that are brought together in the desired proportions are produced by mixing them in the concrete batching plant or in the mixer and delivered to the consumer as "fresh concrete" is called "ready mix concrete". The general name of materials such as sand, gravel and crushed stone used in the production of concrete is aggregate. The aggregate, which occupies 60-75% volume in concrete, is an important component. The aggregates are divided into "fine" and "coarse" aggregates according to their grain size. The main element that separates the ready-mixed concrete from the concrete prepared by mixing it manually or with the concrete mixer is the production of ready-mixed concrete in modern facilities with computer control.

There are two different forms of ready-mixed concrete production depending on whether water measurement and mixing is done in the plant or the transmixer. These are dry mixed Ready Mixed Concrete and wet mixed ready mixed concrete.


What Are the Ready-Mixed Concrete Components?

The raw materials that forming the concrete are aggregate, water, cement, chemical and mineral additives. Component materials should not contain any harmful material that may adversely affect the durability of concrete or cause reinforcement corrosion and should adhere to the concrete's intended use. The materials used to form the concrete mixture, such as cement, aggregate and water, before the mixing process or during the mixing process, are included in the concrete mixture into the so-called "Concrete Additive". Concrete admixtures are used to improve the performance of concrete by changing some properties of concrete or to ensure that the concrete is more economical.


Concrete additives are collected under four main groups. These concrete additives groups are basically known as;

  • chemical additives
  • air entraining additives
  • fine-grained mineral additives
  • various types of additives