Batching Plant - Hawk Plant

Batching Plant

According to your applications, batching plants and other units of the HWK series are equipped with a plant to produce concrete in compact, mobile, or stationary versions.

The compact concrete plant is characterized by:

Purchased concrete plants are promptly delivered and mounted on work sites within not more than 10 days. They can be operated in extreme climatic conditions: heat up to 40 degrees and in more than 30 degrees of frost. An enterprise with a productivity of up to 100 cubic meters/hour of concrete is served by personnel from 3 people, from 100 and above - from 4 people.

The type of Batching Plants includes complexes:

In modern construction, the demand for concrete is about 40% of other building materials. A wide range of concrete uses significantly increases the demand for quality concrete. When there is a production need, a mobile plant or several concrete plants can be quickly moved to a geographical point. In less than a couple of weeks, the production process of releasing concrete in the required quantity is being established there.

In the company Hawk Plant, you can buy a batching plant at an affordable price, taking into account the individual needs of consumers. The enterprises for the production of stationary concrete in complex variants HWK S-60, HWK S-100, HWK S-120, HWK S-160, HWK M-35, HWK M-60, HWK M-90, HWK M-100 / 120, HWK M-OYB, HWK C-20/30, HWK C-60, HWK C-90 have proved their worth under modern economic conditions. Call if you need a batching plant with low prices, fast delivery, and high quality!