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Cement Silo

A cement silo is used to store and receive cement from a cement truck in the production of concrete and reinforced concrete products. Today, with a huge number of construction works, the equipment with all kinds of aggregates and equipment to facilitate all types of construction has reached an extremely high level. Among the construction equipment, so numerous pieces of equipment, cement silos do occupy not the last place.

A silo for cement is a kind of tank that serves as a receiver, storage for cement material, and the subsequent distribution of cement for its subsequent use. This equipment includes such elements as a sensor that regulates the level of cement in the silo. The installation of the sensor takes place on a storage tank, in the design of the system responsible for the alarm and safety activities.

Silos for Cement Storage

Silo for cement; cement is the basis of a reliable and convenient way to store cement, lime, sand, mortar, and several other bulk materials. This is primarily because a steel silo, like a reinforced concrete silo, is a closed cylindrical tank of a vertical type, which protects the contents from environmental influences, and for the storage of cement and lime, the effect of moisture makes them unsuitable for further use. In addition, the design of the silo allows you to quickly unload and load materials.

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A cement silo is a container for storing dry cement, building mixtures, or other fine materials used in the construction or production of building elements for various purposes.

In the production of concrete, metal, reinforced concrete, or plastic silo is the basis for the storage of cement, which allows you to transfer dry cement directly to the chamber, where the cement is mixed with sand, water, and aggregate (crushed stone, gravel, etc.), etc. a concrete solution is being prepared, which is shipped to a cement truck or some container for transportation to the place of use.

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