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Concrete Batching Mixer

Concrete units are intended to produce concrete immediately at construction sites. Concrete batching mixers are also actively used in repair and decoration.

Such a wide distribution of concrete batching mixers is due to operational properties. Using the mortar-concrete unit, you will get the mixture in place, and reduce costs and time for the transportation of concrete. The construction process will go faster.

The general construction of concrete units includes:

Depending on the features, there are two types of concrete units: mortar unit mobile (on wheels) and stationary concrete unit (you can see on site Hawk Plant). Concrete plants are also differentiated by the method of organizing the production process. In some concrete batching mixers, the material is fed continuously, and as a result, time is saved. Other mixer models are based on the principle of cyclicity, when the solution is loaded in phases, in stages. In this embodiment, the concrete-mortar units produce mixtures with excellent characteristics.

Also, concrete mixing units can vary in type of execution. Concrete mixing units can be winter (all-weather) and summer versions. All-season concrete mixing plants are designed for operation at negative temperatures and are additionally equipped with a heat-insulating lining and heating system.

In Hawk Plant, you can buy a concrete-mortar unit of any design. We guarantee high-quality products and adhere to low prices. We have a wide range of concrete plants and mobile concrete units, the capacity of which varies from 20 to 180 m3. We suggest choosing any suitable model of a mortar unit. Some of them are particularly compact and ideal for working in confined spaces. The concrete-mixing unit allows you to organize the preparation of industrial quantities in a small area. And mobile plants will significantly optimize the production process.