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Crushing and Screening Plant

A crushing and screening plant is used for the primary and secondary processing of raw materials. In particular - for grinding by crushing ore, gravel, sorting rocks, and sand gravel. At the same time, the crushing and screening complex works excellently not only on the production site but also in the open area, for example, near a quarry. The complex has automatic control and can work in two shifts.

The technological units of the crushing and screening complex are equipped with rigid frame structures.

The crushing and screening plant includes a crushing plant (grinds hard, abrasive, building materials, rocks), a screen (sorts crushed materials into fractions), a belt conveyor (carries out transportation of the material), a feeder (evenly delivers processed material to processing machines transporting).

Crushing and screening plants are used in smaller quarries, which are near the construction site.

In addition to standard units, there is a mobile version equipped with its chassis. Also, quite common is the transport option. This installation is moved to a new place on the platforms, which allows you to work quickly and with minimal cost.

There are several types of installations:



The use of crushing and screening plant complexes in the disposal of construction waste and reinforced concrete structures, such as reinforced concrete blocks, asphalt, brick, and other materials, allows you to get cheap recycled material of good quality.

The use of recycled materials is economically viable. The cost of the finished product is reduced several times, which in the future can lead to lower construction prices.