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Crushing Plant

A leading global manufacturer of crushing plant and screening equipment, we offer modern requirements of any scale to reduce emissions and make smart decisions. including a quarry and a full crushed stone plant. Also, we provide a separate crusher and its spare parts. Hawk Plant has;

Jaw Crusher

The process of crushing plants in jaw crushers is carried out between two crushing plates attached to the stationary and swinging cheeks of the crusher. The destruction of the crushed material occurs when the rocking cheek is periodically pressed on it.

Jaw crushers according to the principle of action are divided into crushers with a simple, complex, and combined movement of the movable cheek. The former crushed the material mainly by compression and partly by bending; they are used mainly for primary, large crushing. Crushers with complex cheek movements crush the material by compression in combination with abrasion and chipping; they are used mainly for medium and fine crushing.

Cone Crushers

In crushing plants, and cone crushers, stone crushing occurs in a space bounded by the surfaces of truncated cones - the outer fixed and the inner movable.

The rotation of the movable cone is carried out using a special eccentric bearing, in which the shaft end of the movable cone is installed at an angle of 2–4 centigrade degrees to the geometric axis of the crusher. The eccentric receives rotation from the crusher drive. The generators of the cones in this case periodically approach and move away from each other. When the cones come together, pieces of material are crushed due to crushing, partly with bending and abrasion, and when the cones are removed, the crushed material is immersed under its weight. The process of crushing and unloading the finished product occurs continuously.

Cone crushers, as well as jaw crushers, are used for crushing rocks of medium and large strength.