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Equipment for Production And All Productions

This is a critical aspect of the concrete business. Even though the manufacturing technology of the building mixture is simple, it is not possible to do without a special production line that is fully automated, it is called a concrete plant or concrete unit. They allow you to strictly adhere to the established concrete formulation.

Concrete plants are especially needed in such projects where it is necessary to produce a large volume of concrete at one production base for a long time.

The design of the concrete plants ensures high operational comfort and can also consider the special requirements and characteristics of the location area in its configuration.

The concrete manufacturing business becomes effective only with a high-quality concrete unit. In Turkey, among their manufacturers, some units can ensure turnkey implementation.

The company International Hawkplant Equipment Plant sells concrete plants of any complexity, we develop each plant individually for the needs of the customer. We also provide a service for calculating the profitability of a concrete plant, for this, it is enough to leave a request on the site.

Also, we have;

For example Semi-mobile concrete plant. Its performance is optimal for the rapid production of concrete mix in small construction sites. Its compactness (10x12m) allows you to get high-quality concrete mix in confined spaces. Despite its small productivity, it is popular in agribusiness, when the need for concrete is acute.

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