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How Does Mobile Concrete Plant Work?

What is a mobile concrete plant?

A mobile concrete plant is a unit to produce concrete that can be easily moved between production facilities. We are talking about a real opportunity to transport the whole complex of aggregates in a minimum period.

The mobile concrete plant presented here can be moved on one or two platforms using tractors. They are quickly mounted and are just as quickly activated (5-6 hours). Most importantly, absolutely everything you need to start production can be accommodated on the tractor platform (except for the components of the mixture, of course). So, you get a fully assembled and ready-for-operation plant that does not require any modifications.

Features of Mobile Concrete Plants

The characteristics of a mobile concrete plant give the following advantages:

They allow you to quickly organize production at any point. It takes a maximum of one business day to deploy a mobile concrete mixing unit. So, after buying it, you will be able to start concrete production in the shortest possible time;

They can be delivered to almost any construction site. Mobile concrete plants of this type can be moved using heavy equipment. So you can deliver them directly to the construction site and start production, reducing the cost of delivery of finished concrete;

Mobile concrete mixing plants can work on almost any site in the open. You do not have to build a complex production complex, fill the foundation under it. You can launch production at a minimal cost;

Very easy to operate. You do not need to hire highly qualified personnel to service the installation. You can master the work in modern mobile factories in a short time. You will need a minimum of operators for the plant to function. Reducing the number of personnel contributes to a reliable management system (ACS).