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Jaw Crusher Series

Double wedge regulation device, elastic restrictive shock absorption device;

The Jaw Crusher Series is a new coarse rag processing equipment strong, and highly abrasion various ores m stones. It will be assembled without a welding frame structure, double wedge regulation device, or elastic restrictive cushioning device, the integration of the machine is unique, and the design will be canceled on the market ugly.

Applications: Used in metallurgy, mining, chemical, cement, construction, refractory, ceramic and other industries.

The Jaw Crusher Series builds on nearly 30 years of manufacturing experience in crushing and milling equipment, builds on solid manufacturing process technology, inherits the classic drab idea, optimizes the internal structure and improves the quality of the equipment, so that with the same power consumption it gets higher efficiency and long-lasting service life, reduces investment costs. For hard materials, the Jaw Crusher Series has a high crushing ratio and high wear-resistant parts that will become the most influential representation of crushing equipment and provides customers with more production process time and power saving.

Learn More About Jaw Crusher Series

  1. Improve the structure of the crushing cavity and the parameter of the trajectory of motion of the moving battle, also get the regular moment of inertia and more crushing cycle. So, it has a higher crushing efficiency at the same power consumption.
  2. Replace the welded frame with a bolted joint to avoid the problem of concentration of stresses caused by welding, so that the structure is more compact and reliable.
  3. Change the regulated type of discharge opening, replace the gasket with a wedge, so that the regulated operation of the discharge opening becomes simpler, more efficient and safer.
  4. Using high-quality raw materials and components, as well as the main parts, can be removed, improve the service life of the equipment, and reduce consumption. reducing impact crushers and mutual basis between members and increase the life of the crusher.
  5. Use an elastic motion limiter and a rubber device to replace the rigid lance met connection, reduce the mutual impact between the crusher and the main parts, and increase the duration of the crusher.
  6. Rigidly coupled basic engine design, reduce installation space and stabilize power transmission.