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Mobile Concrete Knot - What Is It?

Concrete is the most commonly used building material. It is extremely durable and functional. That is why the topic of concrete plants DOES NOT lose relevance. Today, the most popular is a variety of concrete mini-plants or mobile concrete units (MBV). Such compact installations have many advantages that each builder uses to their advantage.

Concrete mini-plants (mobile concrete units) are:

The compactness of the mobile concrete unit allows you to use it in a confined space, without first forming the foundation for it.

Ability to move from one construction site to another. Mobile concrete installation is the most successful option for those who are constantly building at different points and have limited access to communications.

At the request of the customer, the BIE can be equipped with various options and ensure its use around the clock.

The automated control system (ACS) allows for the most accurate weighing of inert materials and compliance with their proportions, which affects the quality of the concrete mix. And most importantly, the system controls the process of concrete production to the smallest detail and signals all changes.

The overall size of the mobile concrete plant is the possibility of transportation with only 1 tractor, and installation and commissioning of the installation do not require a large number of resources - 1-2 days and you begin to produce concrete.

We implemented a design that allows you to easily and conveniently transport the concrete plant holistically, and not in parts because the speed of the start of the construction process depends on this. We added mixers, motors, and pumps, which have previously passed all the tests and with which you can ensure a continuous process of concrete production without stops and downtime.