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Possibilities of Mobile Concrete Plants

The products that can be manufactured on mobile concrete plants are no different in quality from the concrete delivered from large stationary plants. Moreover, thanks to the small production capacities, it is possible to obtain an even better solution due to more accurate dosing and selection of the ingredients of the mixtures.

Which Mobile Concrete Unit to Buy?

We have presented typical solutions that have proven themselves well and have been successfully working for years. In the presence of mobile concrete units with a capacity of up to 40m3 / hour. In the basic configuration, they have everything necessary for a quick start of concrete production.

However, for you, we can develop a unique project for mobile concrete plants by installing various additional options that can improve the quality of the final product, as well as simplify site maintenance.

When choosing, we recommend that you pay attention to the performance of the mobile concrete installation you need. It does not always make sense to buy high-power equipment. For small industries, the optimal solution would be to purchase a unit at 30-40m3 / hour.

Our products are;

What Determines the Price Of Mobile Concrete Plants?

Several factors affect the cost of the equipment we have. The main one is the maximum productivity of the mobile plant. The higher it is, the more powerful equipment is used on it and the higher its price.

Also, the final amount may be affected by factors such as a set of additional options or the use of non-standard solutions. You can contact our specialists to find out exactly how much the mobile concrete mobile unit selected by you will cost, along with all the options you need.