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Principle of Work of Concrete Plant

The leader among building materials is concrete. The modern building material, created based on cement binder, water, sand, and gravel was patented. Plasticizers and other additives give concrete additional properties. The classification of concrete used in construction is carried out by the requirements.

What Is A Concrete Plant?

A modern concrete plant is a complex of basic and auxiliary equipment, and production facilities intended for the storage and processing of raw materials to manufacture concrete mixtures. The principle of the concrete plant is to perform the following main steps:

Reception of components necessary to produce concrete, and their storage. The supply of raw materials is in strict accordance with the concrete mix recipe, defined by standards.

Thorough mixing of the components and the delivery of the finished mixture.

Factories are continuous and cyclic. The first type of enterprise is focused on the continuous production of concrete mix, and the second - is on batch production. In continuous installations, the main production steps are carried out simultaneously and on an ongoing basis. The operation of cyclic equipment involves the periodic repetition of loading, mixing, and shipment operations.

Concrete Plant Device

Depending on the principle of operation of a concrete plant, it includes the following types of equipment:

Cement warehouse (cement silo); It is a large-capacity metal container mounted vertically on supports. From above it is closed with a special cover with ventilation holes, equipped with a filtration system, and level sensors. The lower part of the structure is made in the form of a cone, from which cement enters the auger.

Bunkers; They carry out the mixing of components (crushed stone, sand) for their further supply to the conveyor belt.

Concrete Mixers; In the concrete plant, these are the main nodes. There are two types: forced and gravitational. In them, all the components are mixed, followed by the delivery of the finished mixture.

In addition to the main departments, auxiliary plants designed to control the temperature of aggregates, their screening, laboratories, compressor, etc. are included in the concrete plant scheme.