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Ready Mix Concrete

If the concrete was not such a tough mass and you would not usually need it in such large quantities, you could also stir it with the kitchen blender: nothing else makes ready-mix concrete. By optimally distributing and mixing agitator in him the individual components of the concrete are mixed as homogeneously as possible.

Previously, before the invention of ready-mix concrete, concrete was mixed with a shovel on a tarpaulin. This art is almost extinct from the introduction of the concrete mixer - partly rightly because the mixing results are by no means uniform. A ready-mix concrete also ensures consistent quality and strength of the finished hardened concrete.

As an alternative to ready-mix concrete, a stronger hand whisk can also be used, especially for small quantities. A drill whisk is only suitable for very small quantities. Drilling machine motors and gearboxes are often overwhelmed by the high axial forces of concrete mixing. Increased wear and overheating as well as imbalances can be the result.

Concrete Mixers: Types and Models

Construction site concrete is concrete that is produced in its factory directly on the construction site, in contrast to ready-mix concrete, which is delivered by mixing vehicles from a stationary plant. The construction site concrete plants provide, as far as technically and personnel-wise designed, all concrete strength classes and grades like a stationary plant.

Ready-Mixed Concrete

Ready-mixed concrete is concrete that is produced centrally in stationary concrete mixing plants and then delivered to the construction sites using concrete mixing vehicles. Because it is already mixed and only needs to be added. The production of ready-mixed concrete is specified in the European Standard.

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