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Spring Cone Crusher

Traditional, stable and reliable, safe

Spring cone crusher is any of the earliest cone crushers. Their crushing resonator type of ore purpose is the solution, the standard is used in medium crushing, the middle applies to small, the short shape of the head appears fine, the finished grain is uniform, and forms a cube shape.

Applications: Aggregate fields, concrete plants, dry mortar desulfurization plants, silica sand, etc.

Spring cone crusher is mainly designed for crushing various ores and rocks with medium and high hardness, it has such advantages as reliable design, high productivity, simple and economical to maintain and operate. The cushioning system interacts with an anti-overload system that allows non-crushed pieces to pass through the crushing chamber without damaging the crushing mechanism itself. Spring cone crusher uses two methods of sealing - dry lubrication and water, to separate the stone from the lubricant. Moreover, you can choose different chambers for large, medium, and small crushing. Mobile cone crusher available

Spring Cone Crusher

1. Large crushing power, high efficiency, and productivity.

2. Low cost, convenient adjustment.

3. The rational choice of the part and the design of the structure, long term of use.

4. Reduces the stop time of the crusher.

5. Can choose different cameras according to customer's requirement.

Principle of Operation

Main Machine, Drive Shaft, Eccentric Shaft, Shaft Sleeve, thrust bearing, Moving Cone, Fixed Cone, Recirculating Apparatus, Recirculating Bushing, Power In, Springs, Connection, Motor, Foundation, Lubrication System…

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