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What Is Ready Mix Concrete? How Is It Produced

Concrete mortar is used in all types of construction. It can have different properties, depending on what purpose it is made for. More often the solution is kneaded at the construction site, but to achieve maximum strength of the concrete structure, it is constructed from factory material, which is called ready-mixed concrete.

Ready-mixed concrete - a mortar made at the factory and delivered ready-made to the construction site. This function is put on concrete mixer trucks, which have the necessary equipment that allows you to transport mixtures ready for use to any distance and terrain. It is also called BSG - ready-mixed concrete.

Such a solution is obtained by mixing the components in the required proportions:

The proportions of the constituent components depend on the desired result. In BSG, various additives can also be added that improve the properties of the concrete mortar. Such a mixture differs from the material prepared at the site in that it constantly monitors production: from the preparation of materials to the transportation of finished concrete. To determine the required recipe, not only the knowledge of trained personnel is used, but also the exact technique.

Plant workers change the composition during the production process depending on the specific properties of the components. The main components are water and cement. They provide the viscosity of the solution and make it monolithic. For the correctness of the water-cement ratio, it is necessary to consider not only the amount of water and cement but also such factors as the moisture content of sand and aggregates.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of use - high-quality product. To get the same high-quality product at the construction site, you must:

The disadvantage of using ready-mixed concrete is ​​the price.