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When Is It Want to Buy A Concrete Plant?

During any construction, concrete is an indispensable material. A variety of formulations and characteristics ensure the durability and strength of structures. Most often, builders carry out the order of the finished mixture in large volumes, expecting the supplier to guarantee quality and efficiency. However, is this always the best solution?

Over the past few years, construction leaders have preferred their concrete units (plants), appealing to the controllability of the concrete production process and economic benefits.

The team of the International Concrete Equipment Plant, in the process of making the next order, decided to ask the customer why he decided to purchase a concrete plant and not continue to order the concrete mix.

Why Buy Concrete Plants?

• Reason 1 - The remoteness of the construction project

The future construction project is in a place without developed infrastructure and therefore concrete delivery is extremely expensive and will have to be expected. And this is a simple violation of the construction schedule.

• Reason 2 - Imperfect quality of the mortar

Our customer has been in the construction business for more than 20 years, and he noticed the following trend - along with how many new concrete manufacturers appear on the market, its quality is significantly deteriorating. Among the most common reasons is non-compliance with the recipe, freezing in winter, insufficient mixing, and a mismatch of the declared volume to the actual one.

• Reason 3 - Profitability

High-quality concrete today is not cheap, and if you also take into account the transportation costs for its delivery, and pay for the work of the staff, then the amounts are considerable, and with your concrete unit, you can not only save but also make money.

• Reason4 - Control at all stages

Today, intermediate points of control of the construction process are a guarantee of quality, and it is very good when all processes are automated and adapted to individual needs. Having estimated the work of the automated control system of the concrete plant, we can confidently talk about adhering to the technology, various concrete formulations, and service support for concrete plants.

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