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Why Do We Use Washers Screws

Application of washers: why does the quality of fasteners improve when they are used?

A washer is a product whose use can significantly improve the quality of the fastening connection. In the manufacture of these devices, a large number of materials are used, and manufacturers also offer a wide selection of washers appearance.

Scope Of Application Of Flat Washers And Their Direct Purpose

Any construction or repair work is never complete without this fastener. When fastening one material to another, there is a desire to make this connection as strong and reliable as possible. This is not surprising, because the service life of the structure directly depends on the quality of the fastening. As products for fasteners, a wide variety of parts can be selected, for example, screws, bolts, or nails. Only now, far from everyone succeeds in making fixation products as effective as possible. To do this, you need to make more contact between the material and the head of the fastener, whether it is a screw or a bolt.

This method is not just reliable, but also more common, simple, and cheap. Metal washers, for example, aluminum or copper, do an excellent job. Washers are parts intended for construction. They are located under the head of the fastener and are fixed when screwed in. So, there is an increase in the area of ​​support of the fasteners.

Such cases are quite common, but the fact is that the surface of the material that is attached and the pressure exerted on the part are much larger than the head of the nut. To help fasteners, it is also necessary to use washers made of materials such as rubber, metal, or plastic. The part twisted with a washer will only drown slightly in the material but will not push it through. To make the support as large as possible, the use of general-purpose flat tools is recommended. Such washers are made in absolutely different sizes, which is very convenient for various types of work.