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Cement Silo

Welded and bolted (modular) silos are taking place. Bolted Type Cement Silos; Designed to provide ease of shipping and lower shipping cost. 

In addition, due to the dimensions of the cement silos with a capacity of 150 tons or more, they are designed and manufactured as bolted types. Bolted-type cement silo manufacturing; is produced as standard volumes such as 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, and 250 Tons capacity.

In concrete silos, equipment such as Screw Conveyor, Level indicator, Safety Valve, Dust Collector Filter above the silo, Plasticizing Air Jet, Selenoid Valve, and Pressure Adjustment Manometer are used as standard

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Cement Silo Technical Informations

Tons Type
30 Tons Mobile
50 Tons Welded
50 Tons Bolted
50 Tons Telescopic
75 Tons Welded
75 Tons BOLTED
100 Tons Welded
100 Tons Bolted
150 Tons Bolted
200 Tons Bolted
300 Tons Bolted
500 Tons Bolted