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Primary Reservoir and Feeder

It is used to feed and stock all kinds of materials. The standard hopper volumes can be adjusted optionally. They can be examined in two subheadings such as vibrating and bunker feeder.

Vibrating feeders are often used to feed rock to primary crushers. Vibro feeders are used for feeding, stocking, intermediate stock and truck loading. Both types of feeders are easy to maintain and have low operating costs.

Our company manufactures vibratory feeders in various capacities. Apart from our standard models, we can make vibrating feeder with higher capacity according to your requests.

The vibrating feeder bunker feeds the material to the desired amount by feeding the material forward and as a result of the linear motion of two eccentric weight or two vibro motors rotating in the opposite direction to each other. By an optional cover at the outlet or by adjustment of the frequency and amplitude of the eccentric weights, feeded material is reduced or replicated. The primary feeders can be placed under the bunkers where the material is fed first, under the bunkers made for regular feeding to the breaker in the facility, under the intermediate stock tunnel or at the end of the plant under the stock bunkers. Their sizes and capacities vary according to their location.

Vibratory Feeder Bunker is an extremely important machine for stone crushing and screening plants. It is not necessary to have these machines in every facility, which ensures efficiency with high performance. Vibrating feeder bunkers with 4 different varieties with a feed capacity of 100 tons to 600 tons per hour are selected by us and adapted to your facility.

Feeding Bunkers are designed for regular and continuous feeding of machines and are the factors that increase the machine efficiency.

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Primary Reservoir and Feeder Technical Informations

CPG-08 5500x1400 1600 2x11,5/1000 40-60 350-500 22000
CPG-09 4600x1100 1400 2x7,5/1000 15-20-30 250-300 18000
CPG-10 3900x850 1160 2x4,5/1000 10-15-20 150-200 15000
CPG-11 2500x520 820 2x3/1000 8 80-100 8000