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Properties of Tertiary Crushers

Tertiary crusher high speed reversible impact crusher, is the name given to machines used to produce fine materials. Tertiary crusher, in contrast to the general opinion, has not received this name because the machines have the reverse working principle, the word is called this because it means “third”. Tertiary crusher is a type of crusher used in the mining industry. All of the crushers used in the mining industry have different functions and operating systems. In this paper, information about tertiary crusher is given. Tertiary crushers provide the product in gradation according to the sand size distribution required by asphalt plants and concrete plants. Tertiary crushers are machines that take part after the primary phase "primary crushers" and secondary phase "secondary crushers". Beside the question of “what is tertiary crusher?”, working principle of crusher should be explained too. It works with the principle of applying high speed impact effect to the material. The distance of the tertiary crusher Rod blades with the rotor is easily adjusted with the Bolt and ensures the production of the material in the desired size. Tertiary crushers are long-life machines with low operating costs. tertiary crushers are called tertiary because they can easily separate even the smallest stones. It is one of the most preferred machines among crushing systems. the prices of these machines are fully optional. A clear price can be taken from companies by adding the desired features.

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Types of Crushing Plant

Breaking sifting facilities, which enter the job sites with technology and provide great convenience especially in mining areas, are used to break large stones coming out of mines. These stones, which are crushed with crushing elimination, ie crushers, have the characteristic of being a raw material for many different sectors. From this point of view, it can be said that the crusher plants are of great importance not only for mines but also for many different sectors. Crusher, sieving and washing processes are performed in the crusher plant formed by the combination of many different machines. Different machines can be used during the process, as these processes vary from time to time using different machines. Other factors affecting this situation include the crushing plant and the size of the stones to be crushed. The crusher plant is located in two different ways in the market and offers the same functions as we mentioned, but it can offer different options. A compact crusher plant with a crusher plant type in the sector is a crushing and screening plant which is preferred in long term works. Many machines within the facility for many years through a certain area of the crushing and screening operations can be done easily. Another type stands out as a mobile crusher. This type of crusher, also known as a mobile crusher, is particularly notable for its mobility compared to a fixed crusher. Companies that do not work in a fixed area and serve in different fields use this crusher type.

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Concrete Batching Mixer

Concrete batching mixers are machines that are widely used in order to carry ready concrete. It is a construction machine that was produced in order to take the concrete to the construction site in a short time. Concrete batching mixer prevents the mixture from drying by mixing the concrete and similar material in the cylindrical section behind the concrete mixers. Concrete batching mixer is a kind of transport vehicle which has with dry or wet concrete carrying types. These dry type mixers load the aggregate and cement mixture and after reaching the construction site where the concrete will be poured, add the required water and make the mixture to take the wet concrete form. In this way, the concrete should be poured within 2 hours after preparation. However, since the number of concrete plants is increasing, due to the presence of a power plant close to each site, the problem of the concrete being late for pouring is eliminated and the concrete can be shipped in wet condition. This tool is a tool that carries the mixture of aggregate and cement in the construction sector. Ready Mixed Concrete is a semi-finished construction material that must be consumed within 2 hours from the date of production with the help of special additives. Therefore, the concrete must be transported to the place where it will be used in time and without losing its properties. The fact that fresh concrete can be delivered in a timely manner to the casting point at the construction site without losing its properties is also possible with truck-like vehicles which are specially designed for this purpose.

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