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Tertiary Crusher

Tertiary Crusher

What is tertiary crusher

Before we learn what is tertiary crusher we should know crushers better. Crushers are devices that are designed to decrease the size of larger objects by using force to reducing the objects into a smaller and more compact volume. This is sometimes accomplished by compacting the mass of the object. At other times, the crusher will be used force to break the object into a series of smaller pieces. Tertiary crusher is used in the plant as secondary and tertiary crusher, limestone, alluvium and quarry materials. It works with the principle of applying high speed impact effect to the material. The distance of the crusher rod pendulum with the rotor can be easily adjusted by means of bolt to produce material of the desired size. The “working principle of the tertiary crusher” should also be explained. Reversible breakers are machines used for producing cube-shaped (cubic) and thin material, which multiplies the material to the counter-fixed pallets by means of “crusher pallets” on a rotating rotor at a high speed. Tertiary crushers are long-lasting machines with low operating costs.

Teriary Crusher Characteristics

Tertiary crushers are divided into a horizontal rotor impact crusher and a vertical shaft impact crusher. Horizontal rotor breakers are specialized in quarry materials, alluvium and limestone breakage. High-speed material is impacted. The materials supplied to the machine inside the machine are thrown to the lining on the pendulums by means of pallets. Steep crusher hammers are used in basalt, creek material, granite as well as hard and abrasive stones.