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Meaning of Ready Mixed Concrete

Meaning of Ready Mixed Concrete

Ready Mixed Concrete is a special made concrete produced in a factory or a collection facility based on standard specifications. The prepared ready mixed concrete is placed in the working area in transit mixers mounted on a truck. This type of concrete, ready mixed concrete guarantees higher durability and sustainability. Since the work is carried out by an expert supplier, the mixture (ready mixed concrete) is precise and higher quality. Special concrete mixtures can also be made efficiently with this concrete production method.

Types of Ready Mixed Concrete

Transit mixed concrete,shrink mixed concrete, central mixed concrete are the three types of the ready mixed concrete.

Transit mixed concrete: It is also called dry concrete because all basic components, including water, are loaded directly into the vehicle mixer. The agitator drum rotates rapidly at the charge speed during the loading of the material and then continues to rotate at a normal agitation rate.

Shrink mixed concrete: The concrete is partially mixed in the "plant mixer" and then balance mixing is done in the truck mounted drum mixer during transit time. The amount of mixture in the transit mixer depends on the amount of mixture made in the central mixing plant. Tests should be carried out to determine the need to mix the drum mixer.

Central-mixed concrete: It is also called central batching plant where the concrete is thoroughly mixed before loading into the truck mixer. Sometimes the plant is also referred as wet-batch or pre-mix plants. When moving the concrete, the truck mixer acts only as a mixer. Sometimes non-agitating units or dump trucks can also be used when the workability requirement is low or the lead is less. Better handling and accurate mixing will help reduce cement consumption by 10 to 12%. The use of additives and other cementitious materials will help reduce the amount of cement. This is just one of the many advantages of the ready mixed concrete.