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Stone Screening Processes Are Very Easy

Stone Screening Processes Are Very Easy

Mining, which is one of the most demanding business lines, is based on the collection of different types of stones and similar materials. All of these stones have to undergo different processes. Therefore, some devices known as crushing sieves have been introduced to the market. Existing tools vary in size and according to the process they do. At this point, the stone structure to be broken or to be eliminated comes to the fore. A choice should be made according to hardness. These processes also apply to the elimination process. There are two different devices to eliminate stones. These sieves stand out with their different features.

Dewatering Silicone and Screen Properties

Dewatering screen and silicone; It is used for a number of materials up to 60 microns. The first thing he does is a job. That is to distinguish the product very quickly in different ones. In addition, the cleaning process takes the second place and is done with the said device. Finally, the material is washed. Generally, too much water is used in washing processes. However, this product reduces water consumption. Thanks to its recyclability, it uses very little water. It was designed successfully. On the surface where the stones or materials are in contact, rubbers are noteworthy. This prevents wear.

Vibrating Screen Specifications

Vibrating screen is a very high quality product. Minimum 2 decks. It is designed as 4 floors in maximum. All kinds of stone within the desired size provides a great convenience. Besides, it doesn't shake the budget because the costs are very low. Works on a single chassis. It can be transported easily by truck. It is very easy to change when there is a problem with the wires in the screen. It is sold in a guaranteed way. Installation is not very difficult. Can be used in many different areas of the industry. There are different models. Their weight changes. It has a weight of at least 14000 and a weight of 21000. The vibration speed is determined as 1000. Engine power up to 44 models are of great interest. The most successful sieves are in it. Sold at affordable prices. Crushing elimination is done with these tools.