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What are The Distinctive Characteristics of The Impact Crusher?

What are The Distinctive Characteristics of The Impact Crusher?

Meaning of Impact Crusher

Impact crusher is the general name given to the breakers who perform the pulsed crusher work. There are three types of impact crushers, primary, secondary and tertiary. In the mining sector, the first investment cost of an impact crusher is high but a highly efficient impact crusher performs the process of preparing the primary crushed materials before the secondary crushing or grinding operations. It operates on the principle of rotation of manganese and chrome cast parts on a rotor. Some impact crushers are made up of two jaws, one of which is movable and the other of which still makes the material between the jaws suitable for secondary crushing by applying pressure. It is the most productive type of dryer used in the market. The initial investment cost is relatively lower. Service and maintenance costs are also easy and inexpensive. However, it works with lower efficiency than its equivalent primary impact crushers. These types of machines, known as primary impact crushers, are known as primary crushers. These crushers with easy assembly and installation features are high-capacity machines that take a load of materials without sending materials such as limestone, limestone, and granite to the second crushers.

What Are The Distinctive Characteristics of The Impact Crusher?

The type of crusher, which eliminates the materials such as limestone and limestone before being sent to the second crusher, plays a role in the breakdown of the majority and is called the primary crusher. The meaning of the word "primary" is the first name given to this crusher. These crawler pallets are designed to be modified with high capacity and with extraordinary breaking speeds. It carries out its activities in the most delicate way. At this point, more than 75% of the material is brought to sizes between 0-50 mm. This is a great prestige for a crusher. For this reason, the most widely used crusher is the primary crusher. They are produced in a shock-resistant structure and the plant is the first machine to be used with the rock. It can divide a 3-ton piece of rock into particles between 0-100 mm. The rock stones placed in the chamber are broken by multiplication in the palette after the collision. The primary shock crusher body consists of two parts and allows for maintenance by opening the upper part with hydraulic cylinders.