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Jaw Crusher

Jaw Crusher

A jaw crusher is a type of crusher. The crusher is a machine that usually divides the material into small pieces. Jaw crushers are often seen in mining or disposal, where they divide objects into smaller pieces. Used in processing facilities and on construction sites, jaw crushers can be found as stationary machines installed in a building, portable machines that can be relocated where they are needed, or as bucket extensions to excavator digging machines.

Jaw crushers are one of the most widely used types of crushers for crushing and screening plants. It is also known as primary crusher and is used as primary and secondary crusher. In mining, a jaw crusher is used to reduce large rocks to smaller pieces of rock, such as gravel. The jaw crusher is the first part of a system of various crushing machines, which often crushes the material in the desired shape and size. Large rocks are inserted into the mouth of the crushing chamber, where hydraulic pressure is applied to crush the material to a smaller size in the same manner.

Types of Jaw Crusher

There are mainly two types of jaw crusher: eccentric from the top and double pass. Each jaw crusher uses a different method to power the crushing chamber of the jaw crushing unit. Jaw crushers can also reduce the size of crushable trash, making it easier to load and transport. Crushed material is significantly easier and safer to load, transport, and dump. This option is frequently used in the construction or demolition business, when large amounts of breakable material, like concrete, require processing in order to efficiently remove the debris. One notable difference between the two types of jaw crushers is the location of the pivot point on each crusher. The pivot point is the moving joint at which the metal walls of the crushing chamber are connected. On an overhead eccentric jaw crusher, the pivot point is at the bottom and a rotating wheel is used to guide the moving parts of the crushing chamber. With a double-toggle jaw crusher, the jaw pivots on the top. Double-toggle jaw crushers are often preferred because they tend to be easier to use and consume less energy than overhead eccentric jaw crushers.