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It Doesn't Take Much Time To Eliminate Crushed Materials

It Doesn't Take Much Time To Eliminate Crushed Materials

The materials extracted from mines and quarries can be brought to use and production stage and after different processes. All kinds of stones are broken and processed within a certain period. There are special crushing and screening tools for this purpose. These devices are remarkable with different models. The reason for this is that the structure of each stone is different. Therefore, the crushers are diversified. In addition, a number of tools are used for sieving prior to the use of stones and similar materials. The sieves used for sieving processes are striking.


Vibrating Screen, vibrating sieve in terms of stone screening provides a great advantage. It has the feature of sieving in all kinds of sizes. It is simple to use. It's very costly. It is a single chassis. It has a motor, body vibration mechanism and a spring-designed suspension. The differences in the dimensions are noteworthy. There are known types with 4 times as height. It can also be at least 2 floors. According to the model, the technical characteristics may vary. The weight is minimum 14000 kilograms. The largest and the most technically equipped is the 21000 kg. The vibration cycle of the device, which is highly preferred in the sieves, is the same for all models and is determined as 1000 rpm. Differences in engine power are noticeable. There are versions like 15, 22, 30 and 2x22.

Dewatering Screen and Silicone

Another remarkable product in the sieving process is dewatering sieve and silicone. It has the ability to make 3 different operations. Accordingly, the product; stones in a very simple way to distinguish more different materials. Cleaning is carried out in the process following this separation process. Finally the stones are washed. The device available at the point of crushing screening; it has a very low cost because it has the ability to save water. In addition, the product is made of rubber on the product and is resistant to all types of impacts, brings a big advantage. The product in the Sieves category is extremely successful.