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What is Concrete Batching Plant?

What is Concrete Batching Plant?

There are leading manufacturers and suppliers of quality stationary concrete batching plants. They produce quality machines at a reasonable cost. Source the customer's concrete batching plant from the producer. Rugged structure, advanced design, and simple-to-use control panel make this equipment the choice of many leading civil contractors worldwide.

Twin shaft mixer is the standard mixing unit offered across all the variants of concrete batching plants. Optional pan or planetary-type mixing units are available. The higher capacity twin shaft mixing unit from leading manufacturers so that customers get the best of product enabling them to produce quality concrete.

The Process Flow for The Concrete Batching Plant

The process flow for the concrete batching plant will begin by feeding the aggregates into the feeder boxes. The operation of the concrete mixing plants ends with fresh concrete output from the mixer. The modern series mixing plant consists of components such as feeding boxes, conveyor belts or jumping cranes, weight conveyors, weight containers, screw conveyors, cement silos, a mixing unit, and a control panel. The control panel has preinstalled software that can easily run the plant in automatic mode. The first step is to feed the feed boxes to the aggregates by size. The hopper weights under the hoppers will assist in weighing the aggregates one at a time and then transferred them to the hopper or conveyor belt. For aggregates, the weighing funnel is hung on the load cells. Since aggregates are also transferred to the mixing unit, water, cement, and additives are gaining weight. The water is stored in a separate tank and transferred to the weighing chamber, once weighed into the weighing chamber according to the amount set to the water control panel and directed to the mixing unit. Cement is added to the cement weighing chamber using a screw conveyor. This screw conveyor is connected to a cement hopper or a cement silo. The additive is stored in a separate vial and weighed before being added to the mixer. Once all contents have been introduced into the mixing unit, they are weighed for a certain period before being discharged.