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Easy To Remove From Hard Parts Due To Crusher Types

Easy To Remove From Hard Parts Due To Crusher Types

The introduction of automation systems into different sectors has made things easier. The best examples in this area are encountered in the crushing elimination area. In order to use valuable or worthless stones in the field, these products must be introduced into certain shapes. Especially the breaking of stones, to bring to different dimensions is a very important issue. To do this, a number of devices are used. Primary, conical, secondary, vertical, tertiary, jawed tools are specially designed for successful results. In addition, the screening process is carried out with different technologies.

Features of Primary Impact Crushers?

Primary impact crushers are of great importance in many different breakers. The main reason for this is the capacity of the product. Because of the large amount of large pieces of stone breakage is very easy with this device. Hydraulic structure. It has a high rotor. Capacity can be increased. It is designed according to medium hard stones. Minimum 200 maximum, 900 tons, can break within 1 hour.

What are The Properties of Vertical Shaft Impact Crushers?

The vertical shaft crushers are preferred to obtain sand and litter very easily. It is easy to install. The cost is very low. Long life.

What are the features of cone crushers?

Cone crushers are defined as the best stone crusher on the market. It has a very high energy. Power is at the top level. The most valuable, even large and hard stones can get very successful results. Has proven itself in crushing screening.

Properties of Tertiary Crushers?

Tertiary crushers are generally known as the last stage. In other words, it is preferred to bring the very large stones which have been broken into sand. It produces a very high percentage of sand. Adjustment at the outlet port is possible. Can be used as secondary. It is very easy to maintain.

Features of Secondary Impact Crushers?

Secondary impact crushers have 3 different stages. Crusher pendulums are designed according to this logic. Primary, tertiary and secondary processes are noteworthy. It is very functional. It can be used on different areas and on different types of materials. Reduction ratio is very high. In addition, the product is cubic. The lower costs are a great advantage.