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What is Concrete Batching Mixer?

What is Concrete Batching Mixer?

Concrete batching mixers are widely used machines to transport ready-mixed concrete. It is a construction machine designed to take concrete to the construction site in a short time. The concrete batching mixer mixes concrete and similar materials in the cylindrical part behind the concrete mixers to prevent the mixture from drying out.

Types of Concrete Batching Mixers

There is three main categories of concrete batching mixer. These categories are determined according to usage and purpose of the usage. Twin shaft mixers, planetary mixers and pan mixers are three types of concrete batching mixer.

Twin Shaft Mixers

Planetary Mixers

Pan Mixers

Concrete batching mixers are very complex tools that require driver training. Due to the fact that, users should learn to pay attention to the vehicle through a specific training and they should carefully follow the traffic rules for do not harm the environment and the people of that area. It is possible with this vehicle, which is specially designed for this purpose, that fresh concrete can be delivered to the delivery point on the construction site in time without losing its characteristics of concrete.