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What is the Ready Mix Concrete?

What is the Ready Mix Concrete?

Ready Mix Concrete is a building material which is produced in a factory and filled in mixers and sold to construction sites, poured into molds with concrete pump and has a consistency on a scale that varies depending on how many doses it is. It is often cheaper to mix concrete than cement, sand and water on site. Moreover, it will be the same every time. The materials produced by mixing the materials in the desired ratios with the computer control in the concrete plant or in the mixer are called "Ready-Mix Concrete". One of the most important materials of modern construction technologies which is one of the requirements of healthy urbanization and durable buildings is Ready-mix concrete. Ready-mixed concrete is produced in concrete plants. Into cement, aggregate, water and concrete additives are added. Concrete forming elements are mixed in certain proportions. It is classified according to the ready concrete compressive strength and sold according to its class. If you buy a concrete structure and the credibility of this structure is in your mind, it may be a relief to find out from which company the concrete of the structure is supplied. There are also consistency classes as well as strength classes.

Concrete Classes

Ready mix concretes divided into many classed based on durability, strength, consistency etc. In this part of this document classes of ready mix concrete will be listed. They are basically known as; Pressure Resistance Classes, Consistency Classes, Aggregate Largest Particle Size Classes.

The properties of mixing fresh concrete without losing homogeneity, transportation, placement, compression and polishing are called “machinability”. Workability in fresh concrete must be protected throughout the casting. It can be placed in a workable concrete without gaps using a vibrator. Consistency is the measurement of workability.