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Understanding Concrete Batching Plant

Understanding Concrete Batching Plant

Concrete Batching Plants are built to produce large amounts of concrete. It consists of storage, transportation, aggregate screening, washing and mixing units. These are the machines which make aggregate, cement and water additive components to produce ready-mixed concrete and make them concrete by prescription with certain dosing algorithm with automation and software technique.

Types of Concrete Batching Plants

There are various forms of concrete batching plants. At this point of article, types of Concrete Batching Plants will be examined. Concrete plant types are examined under 4 main topics. These 4 main topics will be helpful to understand the question of “what is Concrete Batching Plants”

Compact Type Concrete Batching plant:

Compact Concrete Batching Plant, which is the most demanding product in recent years, comes to the fore with easy installation, ease of transportation and low costs. Although it is a small structure compared to other types, it is preferred not to lose power and efficiency. The most important feature of the compact concrete batching plants is to fit into a single container and to minimize transportation costs.

Stationary Concrete Batching Plant:

In stationary concrete batching plants, sand, cement and stone compounds are combined with water and mixed concrete is produced. Stationary Concrete Batching Plants are preferred for concrete needs of 500 cubic meters per day.

Mobile concrete batching plant:

Mobile concrete batches preferred by customers who want a shorter and quicker solution than fixed concrete batching plants, are frequently mentioned in the market with their easy transportation, assembly-disassembly and low operating costs.

Dry Type Concrete Batching Plant:

The most distinctive feature of the dry type concrete plant is the lack of a concrete mixer, unlike other concrete plants. The mixing process of water, cement and other materials is done with mixer trucks.