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Crushing Plants

Crushing Plants

Crushing operations are generally carried out very intensively in the mining area. In addition, it can be seen that these crusher products are also used to obtain sand. The characteristics of the stones in nature are different from each other. Some are shredded after a very large effort, while others are distributed after a lower amount of applied force. Therefore, there is a variety of crushing plants. The sifting products stand out as a complement to the industry. Sifting of stones or sand is carried out with the devices in this area. This is a summary for better understanding for what is crushing plants. Also types and main elements of crushing plants will be mentioned below.

Types of Crushing Plants

Crushing plant is often classified into mobile type and stationary type and mainly includes feeder, jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen for primary, secondary or tertiary crushing for course aggregates production.

With the background that the natural sand becomes more and more scarce, producing high quality manufactured sand replaces natural sand becomes a wise choice to extend the stone crushing line and to create more profits. Based on lots of practical cases, the crusher is the most frequently used machine in dry sand making.

Main Elements of Crushing Plants