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Cement Silos

Cement Silos

Cement silos are the warehouses where cement and other ash materials are stored for concrete production. Spiral conveyors that allow the material stored in silos, are transported to the cement weighing chamber in the central part of the building. In order to minimize transportation costs and transport costs, the cement silos are produced as a bolted type. Partially bolted type silos produced in different capacities have great advantages especially during transportation. In this context, cement silos are prepared by applying laser cutting and drilling technologies, then all welding processes are carried out with automatic welding robots by using the most advanced technology in special series production molds. Silo parts produced with special apparatus and high precision, after the lining and final painting operations in fully automatic paint cabins, the silo parts which are completely ready are packed in such a way that they are not damaged in the shipment and are even shipped to the most distant points of the world. With the help of the welding robots used, the factory can produce cement silos with 1000 different capacities in one shift per year. With the advancement of technological developments, the most suitable cement silos can be produced based on the wishes of the consumers.

Other Accessories Used in Cement Silos

Cement silo producers also produce different accessories for cement silo customers. Customers should also consider these accessories due to their job’s requirements. These accessories are listed below.

Cement silo serves to buy and distribute cement. if the area is mounted several silos, this structure is called cement storage. Cement silos are produced between 30 and 120 tons in total. cement silo is very important for large scale enterprises.