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All kinds of material can be broken with different crushers

All kinds of material can be broken with different crushers

The crushing and screening tools used in many different sectors, especially in the mining sector, have gained a very advanced technology especially in recent years. In any mine, stones in a large area or other terrain are excavated in a certain order. This is a process called crushing and elimination. In order to obtain a definite result, a selection should be made according to the type and hardness of the stones. The number of suitable devices is very high. Breaking tools are as follows;

Vertical Shaft Impact Crushers

Vertical shaft crushers are used to obtain both rust and sand. Stone is thrown into the lining and then collides with another stone. In this way, the process is successfully completed.

Cone Crushers

Cone crushers, which are the products of a very superior technology, are especially preferred for the breakdown of very hard stones. Crushing has a different place about screening.

Tertiary Crushers

For the least-level crushing process, the so-called tertiary crushers are used. At least 200 and 700 mm in the size of the stones, the last known stage takes part. Sand the stones.

Secondary Impact Crushers

Secondary impact crushers are the most preferred devices in the market. The reason for this is the successful performance of many different stones. Because it is not designed for a single stone type. It can be used for high hardness materials. Because it has both secondary and primary properties. For lower or medium hardness, it can serve as tertiary, primary and secondary.

Primary Impact Crushers

Primary impact crushers; works in a high capacity manner. It is generally effective in materials with very low silica content. It has a rotor system with a high cubic ratio. This product is very easy to break and break large stones. It is noteworthy that it decreases the load in the tombs. It has a hydraulic system. The machine is very simple to maintain.