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Concrete Plant

Concrete Plant

The concrete plant, also known as a bulk production plant or a blending plant, or a concrete batching plant, is equipment that combines various components to form concrete. To better understand the concrete plants, the types and working principles of the concrete plants are important issues that should be clarified together with the question of what is the concrete batching plant. In short, concrete batching plants, sand, gravel, water, cement, etc.

Mixed materials, mixer filling process, and ready mixed concrete are produced and given to the plants. Cement silos, mixer supply belts, aggregate bunkers, and of course concrete mixers can be used in a concrete plant. Electronic, mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems and tools. At this point, the concrete plant, which is the second answer to the concrete plant question, will be discussed. These facilities can be divided into two main sections stationary concrete batching plant and mobile concrete batching plant. Depending on the working area and working time, it is also possible to produce concrete plants in various ways. For example, there are other special types such as compact concrete batching plants and scraper concrete batching plants.

Types of Concrete Plants

Concrete plants are divided into two categories. These categories are Stationary concrete plants and mobile concrete plants. Stationary concrete plants are designed and manufactured for long-term use for large-scale projects. It is named because it is fixed to a specific area. Mobile concrete batching plants are preferred in short-term projects where the construction site area needs to be changed after the end of the project. They are efficient in mobile and narrow areas. Compact concrete batching plants are used for projected ready concrete needs at long distances. It is mentioned about the projects where the transportation cost is important. Scraper concrete plants are preferred in projects where production and investment costs are low.