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HWK S-60 Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

Stationary-type ready-mixed concrete plants are produced in three different models stationary, compact and dry type. Works with actual capacities from 20 m³ to 60 m³ per hour. Mixers are determined according to the customer's needs and the most suitable mixer is used according to the quantity and quality of the concrete to be produced. To complete the installation in the most optimum way, all assembly and adaptation processes that can be done before and during the production process are prepared in our workshop and shipped to the customer site as tested. The automation system used is designed as simple and multifunctional so that the operator does not experience any adaptation problems. Specially designed ready-mixed concrete batching plants are designed for the needs of the customers and the customer needs are met at the optimum level. 

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HWK S-60 Stationary Concrete Batching Plant Technical Informations

Concrete Plant Unit Stationary 60
Plant Capacity m³/h 60 m³/h
Wet Concrete Capacity m³/h 60 m³/h
Aggregate Weighing Kg 2400 Kg
Cement Weighing Kg 500 Kg
Water Weighing Lt 400 Lt
Additive Weighing Kg 25 Kg
Aggregate Transfer Bucket ………….……
Aggregate Holding Bunker 1,5 m³
Air Compressor Lt/d 1100 Lt./d.
Water Booster  kW-ton 2x3 kW - 30 ton

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