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Vertical Shaft Impact Crushers

Crushers with high ratio of sand and cubic material used to obtain 0-5 sand and gravel by breaking all kinds of medium hard, abrasive materials. The crushing process is carried out by throwing the material fed by the feeder of the crusher to the stone lining in the crushing chamber with high speed through the rotating rotor. Because of the stones crushed by hitting to other stones in crushing process, feeding of the crusher is very economical and the spare parts consumption is very low.

Turbo crushers designed for use in crushing abrasive materials are used as tertiary crushers in plants. The material produced is cubic and the dilution rate is high. In the case of turbo-crushers with closed-type rotors, there are rock tanks around the rotor instead of impact armor.
The crushing chamber can be installed in three separate arrangements according to the application:

  1. Stone Padded Layout with Closed Rotor: This scheme should be used to break down the most abrasive and hard materials. It offers the lowest cost of maintenance costs.
  2. Closed Rotor Armor Circle Layout: Used in medium abrasive and medium hard materials. It is the layout that combines the low maintenance costs of the closed rotor with the high and homogeneous decay of the armor circle.
  3. Open Rotor Armor Circle Layout: Its abrasives are suitable for low and soft material. The highest rate of decimation accepots the highest production and more coarse material in feeding.

Rotor is produced in two types according to the abrasives of the material to be broken. It is recommended to use a closed rotor for hard and abrasive materials, and an open type rotor for soft and low abrasive materials. In the closed type rotor, the material fed to the machine acts as a primer on the surfaces on which the material that flows through the rotor by forming cushioning on the inner walls of the rotor due to the centrifugal force. In addition, there are diamond throwers made of extremely wear-resistant materials at the points where the material leaves the rotor from the rotor blades. This not only reduces the need for maintenance of the rotor, but also allows the crushing of more abrasive materials. The open type rotor has a higher rate of decay than the closed-type rotor, allowing higher production and larger material to be fed, but very easy to maintain.

Usage Areas of Vertical Shaft Impact Crushers:

  • It is used; in breaking of natural stones from the stream material,
  • in reducing the size of the materials to be processed in the mill by reducing the size of the material to the maximum ratio of the material breaking process,
  • in case of cubic material demanded in limestone, basalt and dolomite quarries,
  • in the production of sand, gravel and pebble for the production of concrete asphalt,
  • in the production of materials including fine-grained products used in road asphalt structures,
  • in reducing the size of coke added by spraying method to increase the carbon ratio to liquid steel.

Vertical shaft crusher is a type of tertiary crusher used in crushing and screening plants in order to crush the desired material by accelerating. As in other tertiary crushers, these machines are produced in different capacities according to the performances of the enterprises, which have the strength of crushing strong stones such as stream material, basalt and limestone to become sand or gravel by dividing into small pieces.

In all of the vertical shaft crushers produced with open and closed rotor properties, the stones accumulated in the crushing chamber are hitting each other and thus they are broken quickly. According to the need, perpendicular shaft crushers with an average crushing capacity of 90 to 450 tons per hour are easily repaired and replaced in case of any failure due to their hydraulic structure. Because of they work with impact, crushing and shredding they provide high efficiency in a short time and save time.

The capacity of our Vertical Shaft Crushers is between 90 tons / hour and 450 tons / hour, with low energy consumption and high efficiency. Vertical Shaft Crusher, generally produces sand and crushed stone by breaking abrasive-hard stones like stream material, limestone, basalt.

Vertical Shaft Crusher is produced in closed and open rotor form. Stones that reach the center of the Vertical Shaft Crusher are broken by breaking each other and the cost of wear is minimized. It is easy to take care of the Vertical Shaft Crusher as the breaker door can be easily opened by the hydraulic piston in the crusher cover.

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Vertical Shaft Impact Crushers Technical Informations

DEVİR HIZI       45 m/s 52 m/s 58 m/s 60 m/s
VSI-900-OR 975 90 260-370 300 250 - -
VSI-900-CR 900-3 50 260-500 450 375 320 300
VSI-800-CR 900-2 40 200-320 250 230 205 190
VSI-700-CR 700 35 190-132 90 85 70 65