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Pan Type Mixer

The most important feature of pan-type concrete mixers is that they can work with more than one shed cover system. For this reason, decreasing mixer filling times and increasing efficiency increase the importance of turbo pan-type concrete mixer. Horizontal spiral axles in single-shaft concrete mixers and double-shaft concrete mixers have been replaced by many mixing arms in pan-type mixers. A large number of stirrer arms allows the concrete to be more homogenized which is mixed by a concrete mixer. Vertical shaft mixers are ideal for precasting, paving stone plants, and tile making. They make a more homogenous mixture. The only drawback is that the mixing times are longer.

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Pan Type Mixer Technical Informations

Mixer Type Dry Mixing Volume (m³) Wet Concrete Mixing (m³) Engin (kW)
PAN 0,5 m³ 750 500  22
PAN 1 m³ 1500 1000 37
PAN 2 m³ 3000 2000 75