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Planetary Type Mixer

The difference between planetary-type concrete mixers according to pan types is that the stirrer arms rotate around itself and the boiler In addition to the main spindle, the agitator type has small mixer arms that allow mixing in the inner parts). In this way, homogenized concrete production is supplied in the best way. Planetary-type concrete mixers are mostly used in plants where low-slump concrete is required. They are preferred mixers, especially in block-making and paving stone plants.

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Planetary Type Mixer Technical Informations

Mixer Type Dry Mixing Volume (m³) Wet Concrete Mixing (m³) Engin (kW)
HP 250 375 250 7,5
HP 500 750 500 18,5
HP 1000 1500 1000 45
HP 1500 2250 1500 2X30
HP 2000 3000 2000 2X45