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Twin Shaft Mixer

The most important feature of the twin-shaft concrete mixers is that they provide a homogenized mixture in mass concrete casting according to other types. In concrete mixers, it is ensured that cement is contacted with the aggregate in the shortest possible time in low water-cement ratios for increasing the efficiency of the system and for minimum energy consumption. This happens in the best twin-shaft concrete mixers. In addition, as with other mixers, the automatic lubrication system for concrete mixers increases the life of the mixers. For these reasons, we use twin-shaft concrete mixers in large-capacity concrete plants. 

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Twin Shaft Mixer Technical Informations

Mixer Type Dry Mixing Volume (m³) Wet Concrete Mixing (m³) Engin (kW)
HT 1000 1500 1000 2X22
HT 2000 3000 2000 2X37
HT 3000 4500 3000 2X55
HT 4000 6000 4000 2X75
HT 5000 7500 5000 2X95